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Strong Bond was founded in 2016 with the vision of providing quality service and value to our customers Our vision has not changed but the size of our business has. The Strong Bond Team now “covers” Atlantic Canada, serving our commercial, industrial and residential customers, from our base in Moncton.
Today, Strong Bond is a respected name in the industry, throughout the entire region, having teamed up with some of the best manufacturers in the industry and able to offer a variety of services that include epoxy floor coatings of all types, resinous and seamless industrial coatings, trowel down high-performance coatings, safety lines, parking garages, polished concrete, concrete repair and floor prep.
Strong Bond’s satisfied customer list spans residential, commercial and industrial applications such as food and other manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail stores, condominiums, office and apartment buildings, car dealerships, fire stations, water treatment plants, breweries and restaurants as well as sports facilities, and many more.

The name Strong Bond has several meanings: 


Refers to the “Bond” that is created between our product and your floor. By doing proper, non-rushed, preparation, using quality equipment, we are able to ensure that our product bonds with the concrete and provides you with a floor that will last….and is guaranteed.


Refers to the “Bond” we like to create with every customer. We strongly believe in doing quality work and will not sacrifice this. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We have established “SBS” Strong Bond Standards in our business and have a very dedicated team of valued employees


Refers to the Bond of our Team. Strong Bond has a great team of highly trained, and skilled, employees who are treated like family. They enjoy their work, they work hard and deliver amazing results for every one of our customers.

We believe in building business for the long term and doing the job right. We stand behind our name!

Strong Bond Office with Trucks

Mike Barnett