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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities have special requirements and challenges that Strong Bond understands very well.

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities face unique challenges that can make it difficult to keep their floors in good condition. They need seamless, durable, and simple-to-maintain floors that can handle the constant moisture and chemicals from cleaners and spills while still being safe, sanitary, and slip resistant even when wet.
Strong Bond understands this challenge very well. We have years of experience working with food and beverage manufacturers to ensure their facilities meet CFIA standards by providing an ultra-durable surface that easily tolerates thermal shock, constant moisture and chemicals from cleaners and ingredients. Our seamless floor systems are designed specifically for these manufacturing facilities. 
Strong Bond's seamless floor systems do their job, so you can focus on doing yours. We have the expertise and experience to help you create a seamless flooring solution that works for you and your facility. If you're looking for a more reliable floor system for your food and beverage manufacturing facility, contact Strong Bond today!

Customer Projects

Oyster Farm Epoxy Flooring

Oyster Farm

This was an expansion added to exiting building.

Fish Plant Epoxy Floor Coating

Fish Plant

This job was a combination of different areas.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facility Flooring Solutions

Strong Bond does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to any project. Each food and beverage manufacturing facility has different requirements, and we guarantee that we will present you with the right solutions to your situation. We build our business one customer at a time through honesty and hard work.
Our valued employees are factory trained by the absolute best manufacturers in the industry, and we utilize the highest quality products and equipment to provide you with the absolute best floor for your facility.
Strong Bond…… Floors Done Right!